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The Judgment Day is close after Rasulullah (saas)

The Judgment Day is close after Rasulullah (saas)

Rasulullah (saas) said: “I was sent at the same hour appointed for the Day of Judgment. But, just like this passing that, I came not long ago passing the hour appointed for the Day of Judgment!” and showed His middle finger and index finger. [(Al-Kutub as-Sittah, narrated by Mustawrid Ibn Saddad al-Fihri, hadith no 5026) Tirmidhi, Fitan 39, (2214).] [50]

Rasulullah (saas) said: “I was sent even though the Day of Judgment is so close!” and showed his index finger and middle finder. (Al-Kutub as-Sittah, narrated by Sehl Ibn Sa’d, hadith no 5025) [Bukhari, Rikak 39, Commentary, Nâziat 1, Talak 25; Muslim, Fitan 132, (2950).] [49]

I went down to Abdullah Ibn Havala al-Azdi (ra). He told me: “Rasulullah (saas) sent us on foot so that we can get prizes. We turned back but could not get any prize. He understood our fatigue from our faces, straightened up and said: “Oh my Lord, don’t depute me to them; I’m unable to assume responsibility for them! Don’t depute them to themselves; they are also unable to do that! Don’t depute them to other people; they would prefer themselves over them!” Then he put his hand over my head and said: “Oh Ibn Havala! If you see that caliphate goes from Medina to Syria, then you will know that earthquakes, sorrow and big events are close. On that day, the Day of Judgment is closer to people than my hand is close to your head.”
(Al-Kutub as-Sittah, narrated by Ibnu Zugb al-Ayadi)

The Hour [Last Day] will not be established until ... earthquakes will be very frequent.
(Ramuz al-Ahadith, 476/11)

There are two great events before the Day of Judgment ... and then years of earthquakes.
(Ramuz al-Ahadith, 187/2)

The Day of Judgment will not take place until these things come to pass… Death and slaughter will be widespread…
(al-Suyuti, Jamius Sagir, 3:211; Musnad, 2:492, 4:391, 392)

The Hour will not take place before time shrinks. One year will be like a month, one month will be like a week, a week will be like a day, and a day will be like an hour; and an hour will be like a burning flame.
(Ibn Ahmad Hanbal, Musnad)

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