Friday, February 5, 2010


The hadiths reveal that Allah has bestowed a special power upon the Mahdi:
He is called the Mahdi because he has a secret power that cannot be known by anyone.
(Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi)
Ibn al-Arabi lists nine of his main attributes:
1. He has foresight,
2. He understands the Book,
3. He knows the meaning of its verses,
4. He knows the states and actions of those he will appoint,
5. He will still be compassionate and just even when angered,
6. He knows the classes of beings,
7. He knows the intricate aspects of affairs
A leader who is aware of such things can make no mistakes in his commands. The Mahdi knows how to avoid mistakes because of his comparative knowledge, for his decisions will be directly inspired. In other words, he will rule with the law brought by Prophet Muhammed (saas). For these reasons, our Prophet (saas) said of him: “He will follow my trace and not fall into error.” From this we can see that the Mahdi will implement the Shari`ah, rather than making his own.
8. He has a sound understanding of people’s needs
Since Allah has chosen him, above all other people, to see to all their needs, his behavior and deeds, just like those of a true leader, must be in the peoples’ interests, rather than his own… A leader who engages in activities that are contrary to the public interest and who does not act on their behalf must be removed from office, because there is no longer any difference between him and other people.
9. The manifestation of secret things in his time, which will enable him to resolve all problems that may arise.
(Signs of the Judgment Day, p. 189)

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