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Imam Mahdi’s Universal Revolution

Imam Mahdi’s Universal Revolution

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By: Ibrahim Avich/Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The followers of all religions of the world believe that one day the universe will be filled with corruption and crises and this era will itself be the sign of the coming of the great universal savior. The Muslims believe he will be from the tribe of Bani Hashim and a son of the Holy Prophet of Islam (P.B.) and that his name is “Mahdi.” However, it must be known that according to Islam, Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) is not for Muslims alone. His rise will be not be limited to a certain tribe or nation. He will come to fight all discriminations – racial, religious, ethnic, etc. He is the Mahdi (guide) of the entire universe and the restorer of the religion of Ibrahim (P.B.), Moses (P.B.) and Jesus (P.B.).
The question may arouse is that : why none of the prophets through history had the chance to rule over all the world but a person from descendant of a prophet will achieve such a success? We must say, as an answer, that human communities have gradually developed throughout history. They have grown from the level of the family to small tribes and from there to great universal civilizations. It is based on a development that the mission of the divine prophets has become more and more vast. There are two reasons why the universal government has not and cannot materialize before the coming of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance): the human civilizations not being at the right level and the absence of sufficient knowledge and technology. Therefore, two conditions must be met before this promise can be fulfilled. Firstly, the universe must be connected in terms of communications in a way that it becomes like a global village. Secondly, the people of the world must reach a potential moral level to be able to bear the load of divine laws.
With respect to the era of the Internet and the development of globalization, the first condition has to some extent materialized. About the second condition, however, I must say that mankind is still not ready to bear the great and precious ornament of God.
At this point the question comes to mind that when are the people going to be morally ready for the acceptance of God’s representative, since the world falls into more and more corruption as time passes. The answer is that mankind at this point is experiencing the results of materialistic and manmade government systems. As humanity eventually looses hope in secular government systems, the crises caused by modern technologies along with the absence of spirituality, the mounting of moral and ethical perversions and problems in the ecosystem will cause people to believe that manmade codes of ethics cannot help achieve prosperity. Then, most people are tired of human plans and the human community, which consists mostly of the oppressed, wishes for justice and truth, but since they have lost hope from the earth, they will be looking in the heavens. When humanity reaches this situation, the conditions are met for the reappearance of the great universal savior, the Promised Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance). In other words, he will come at a time when even the evil is tired of committing evil.
Of course, the coming of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) will not in itself cause change in that situation. He will rise with 313 of his companions, plan an armed revolt, destroy the oppressors, and for the first time in history, the entire globe will be under the flag of Islam and the ground will be prepared for the flourishing of all aspects of human civilizations. According to the traditions, the level of people’s knowledge at that time compared to that of our time, is like the level of knowledge of the people of the stone age compared to our time. People will be able to easily travel between planets. The people of that time will be kind, warm, passionate and ethical in their behavior and there will be peace and security everywhere.
In his book The Power of Self-Conscience Joseph Marne, an American psychologist, says man has not yet used the potential abilities located on the right side of the brain. In his view, the use of this section of the brain by the public is possible only by reaching a certain level of justice and truthfulness. Therefore, bases on God’s general rule that mater is under the control of the soul, we know that until man does not reach its spiritual perfection, he will not be able to achieve perfectness in his material life.

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