Sunday, December 5, 2010

Invoking Imam-e-Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)

Invoking Imam-e-Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)
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Invoking Imam-e-Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)
O,Mahdi! O,Braveheart! O,Lion of God!
The righteous are awaiting you. Please
O,Mahdi! O,Ark of Salvation! The world
is engulfed by storms. Ships have been
wrecked. The eyes of your loved ones are
fixed at you.They are awaiting your arrival.
O,Mahdi! O,Center of Hope!
Darkness has enveloped the hearts. The
helpless and the weak are orphans. Please
come and stroke the hand of benevolence on
their heads.
O,Mahdi! O,Shore of Deliverance!
The hearts of believers are awaiting you
restlessly. Please come and grant them
O,Mahdi! O,Morn of Hope!
The night of separation is painfully long.
While most lie in the deep slumber of
negligence, a few of your lovers and adorers
await your luminous reappearance with
restive eyes and restless hearts. Please
come that the flowers of hopemay blossom.

Please come that wilted gardens may
bloom again.
Please come that the nightingales may
sing the song of your victory and triumph.
Please come that the meadows and
pastures may get a fresh lease of life.
O,fountain of virtues! O,loftiness of the
righteous! O,standard of liberty! The world is
replete with sorrow. Now, please raise the
veil of occultation.
O,Power of God! O,the one with (the
sword) Zulfiqar in his hands! The oppressors
have become extremely haughty and
O,the Treasurer of Divine Knowledge!
Hoist the flag as the darkness of ignorance
has engulfed the world.
O,the Aware Eye of God! The ark of
humanity is whirling in crises. Only the breeze
of your reappearance can save it.
O,Heir of Ali! Our begging bowl is empty.

May the poor receive the same royal
generosity once again!
O,Legatee of Prophet Yusuf! Despair is
striking the hearts. May the hearts gain the
soul of hope!
O,Messiah of the Soul! Sickness and
helplessness is rampant and widespread.
Only you can grant cure to the sick.
O,Inheritor of Imam Reza's (a.s.)
knowledge! The hearts are devoid of real
knowledge. Please quench the thirst (of
knowledge) of parched throats.
O,Obedient Servant of Allah! The
essence of worship has abandoned the
hearts. Please give the life of belief to the
dead hearts.
O,Sun of Life!
Till when will you remain concealed
behind the clouds of occultation?
O,Bright Moon!
Till when will you hide behind the clouds
in the dark night?

O,Spring of Life!
Till when will rubbish sweepings adorn
the gatherings?
O,Sharp Sword of Allah!
Till when will the tyrants be let loose?
What has happened to you?Stop!
He (a.t.f.s.) himself is awaiting divine
Since ages, he (a.t.f.s.) has been raising
the cry, 'Is there a helper?'
There is none to respond to his cry but a
few righteous believers. For centuries, he
(a.t.f.s.) is praying for his early reappearance.
But there are few of true character and truthful
ones to say 'Aameen'.
In the House of Allah, on all four sides of
the center of monotheism, in the presence of
the Almighty, the tongue is in total harmony
with the handwhile supplicating,
"O,Allah! Fulfill for me what You
have promised me."
Let us take a pledge of mastership

obedience, love and sacrifice at the threshold
of Imamat.
Let us purify our contaminated hearts,
cleanse them of sins and prepare them to
listen to his enlivening and enriching
Let us pray for his earliest reappearance
every morning and evening.
From the depth of our hearts and with
utmost righteousness, let us call out,
"O,Allah! Hasten the reappearance
of your friend."

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