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"0 Allah ! Assuage our hearts through Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.)" -

The religion that has come to perfect human ethics, to create the feelings of brotherhood, love and amity in the depth of hearts of the people and to eliminate enmity, injustice and inequality. Then why do people say, "Islam is the best religion but Muslims are the worst people."

Why are the Muslims a divided lot? Why do they harbor malice, hatred and enmity against each other? Why are their hearts disunited? Why do they detest each other? There is only one reply to all these questions. We are neither aware of the way our Imams lived nor of their instructions and guidance. Even if we have some knowledge, we are not ready to act upon it. The result obviously is discord, disharmony and disputes. . Let us examine our habits and customs in the light of the injunctions of our present Imarn, Hujjat ibnal Hasan al Askari (may Allah hasten his reappearance).

Let us see how steadfast we are upon his teachings. Are we straying far away away from him instead of becoming closer to him? Are we among those people of whom Imarn (A.S.) has said, "...Then nothing keeps us away from them but those reports about their actions which we do not expect from them." (Behaar, Vol. 53, p. 176)

Is he (a.s.) referring to us when he complains dejectedly,
"Had our Shias - may Allah bless them with His obedience - remained firm upon their covenant unitedly with resolute hearts, our meeting with them would not have been delayed."

Have we ever pondered upon the statement of Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) that piety can help us get rid of our difficulties?

"(0 Mufeed!) From among our brother infaith, one, who is fearful of his Lord (pious) and gives to the rightful owner whatever he owes, shall remain safe from difficulties and calamities." Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) had written this in a Tawqee to Shaykh Mufeed (R.A.)

Have we reflected upon the fact that Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) has prohibited us from asking unnecessary & meaningless questions? "Do not ask those questions which are of no use to you." Patience helps solve the greatest of problems and difficulties. The attribute of patience is found in Allah. It is for this reason that Imam (a.s.) has instructed us to acquire this quality. "Allah the Almighty is Patient whereas you are unduly hasty"

Do we ever find time to serve the Shias of AhleBait (a.s.)? Do we ever strive to solve the problems of our friends, relatives and believers? Does the thought of satisfying their needs ever enter our minds? Most probably not !

But Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) wrote to Abul Hasan Isfahaani, a Marja of his time, "Make yourself cheap(ly available), meet the people easily and fulfil their needs, we will help you. " Do you know that Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) loves the pious and solves their difficulties? Hence, he exhorts, "Fear Allah, submit (yourselves) completely to us and leave all your work upon us (i.e.have faith in us), then it would be incumbent upon us to extract you from all types of calamities." (Kalematul Imam al-Mahdi, Vol. I, p.302) Hazrat Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) orders his Shias through Usman bin Saeed Amri and his son Mohammad bin Usman: "They must remain aloof from lust and greed."

Have we ever considered how much greed we harbor in ourselves? Are we aware that some people consider drinking to be a sign of cultural advancement? Whereas Imam e-Zamana (a.s.) says, "Drinking beer is haraam (prohibited)." (Kalematul Imam al-Mahdi, Vol. I, p.276) Respected readers! It is our duty to take account of ourselves, in the light of these traditions. Let's make sure we are not heading towards destruction. For, disobedience to the commands of Imam (a.s.) leads to annihilation. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) warns, "Do not go ahead of them (the Imams) lest you be destroyed" (As Sawaiq al-Muhriqa, p.89) In order to expound these points, we shall quote an injunction of Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) and a supplication which he has taught us: "You must all perform deeds that bring you nearer to our love and remain aloof from those acts that will bring you closer to our dislike and anger."

Please ponder upon the following supplication :-

"0 Allah ! Give us "tawfeeq" (divine encouragement) for obedience, keeping away from sins, purity of intention, and recognition of prohibited acts. Honour us through guidance and steadfastness. Control our tongues to speak only that is necessary and wise. Fill our hearts with knowledge and recognition. Purify our stomachs from prohibited and doubtful foods. Restrain our hands from injustice and theft. Lower your gazes against sins and treachery. Refrain our ears from listening to vain things and back-biting. (0 Lord) Shower Your Grace .....upon the women to acquire modesty and chastity, upon the affluent to be humble and generous.upon the poor to be patient and contented... (For complete detail, refer to Mafaateehul Jenaan, p.116)

0 Allah ! Cure. our hearts through him (a.s.)

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