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Sufi Tenaga Delam Ilahi Inner Power Activations

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Sufi Tenaga Delam Ilahi Inner Power Activations

SDSI (Sufi Daya Sejati Insani) or initiation level Tenaga Delam Ilahi known as TENDAI or Cosmic Inner Energy is not a marital arts discipline nor is it an internal energy training system that will enable you to walk on fire, eat glass, become bullet proof or shatter rocks & bricks with your bare hands. TENDAI is a closely guarded secret, which has existed for several hundred years primarily originating from the Malay islands archipelago (Malaysia, Indonesia).

TENDAI is not a branch of any other inner power discipline, yet it is the most primary and fundamental basis upon which all other inner power schools have been developed. This is not intended to sound boastful or to act high and mighty as all power resides in GOD. We are not the only inner power system or only authority on such subjects. This is an invitation to share in our experience with Celestial Power as well as to help you understand your own experiences should any "paranormal" abilities manifest in you after initiation into TENDAI. In the event such things happen to you, it is because the creator (the source of all energy) wills it to be so.

Ilmu Tenaga Dalam (Inner Power)

Tenaga Dalam (Inner Power) can be raised by breathing practice, either by holding the breath inside the abdomen, chest or below the navel combined with concentration at a certain point. This kind of inner power can accumulate into a supernatural power that is filtered from Daya Hayat (life power)/ Daya Prana (Prana power)/ Magnetiks (magnetic power) that exist naturally and within us. However, if these powers are not routinely used or practiced regularly, they will disappear automatically over time. This is the basis of the Tridaya tenaga dalam method.

Tenaga Dalam Ilahi (Celestial Prana) has a specifically different method from other prana or energy. This celestial prana sources at our faith to God the Almighty combined with full concentration. This prana will function forever and will automatically recharge itself after being used. The initiation process can be done directly or long distance. Celestial Prana consists of Divine Prana, Mental Prana and Physical Prana, the combination of the three will prevent the practitioner from being exhausted after practicing it. Most other Pranas have only one aspect that is the physical prana causing the practitioner to feel terrible fatigue after practice. Celestial Prana combines the three Pranas to automatically recharge itself after being used. In addition, the breathing techniques given in this manual will dramatically fasten the process.

The benefits after the 21-day initiation process may include:

* To have self protection against any physical or metaphysical attack
* To have the protection against injury from sharp tools (being attacked by an enemy)
* To cure physical or metaphysical diseases (Healing ability)
* To cure impotency
* To increase charisma and attraction
* To improve career and business
* To have the ability to communicate and control khodam (occult guide) if you want to
* To be able to push away enemies before they even touch you. (Empty Force)
* To borrow other people's supernatural power
* To be able to lock other people's power or attack
* To create protection for self, other people, house/company and wealth
* The real key to make heirloom (to fill keris, machete, knife, samurai, jewel, oil for attraction and water)
* There is no prohibition, side effect nor contradictive to other white esoteric knowledge. It will even unite with these teachings. All supernatural powers coming from God will unite. Any other knowledge coming from things or other beings will disappear.
* And many other benefits that are unique to each individual.

Celestial Prana (TENDAI) comes from divine faith and a clean and pure heart. It will eventually lead you to have complete faith in God the Almighty. This knowledge will function forever and will never vanish. It is non contradictive to other pranas.

Understand that your initiation into Tenaga Delam Ilahi will activate your inner power. However in addition to the TENDAI empowerment, you will also receive empowerments for all three levels of TRIDAYA (Tenaga Delam, Ilmu Batin, Vibrotic Power) to further advance your development and understanding of inner power cultivation methods.

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