Sunday, January 29, 2012

Harun Yahya is really Helping Imam Mahdi (A.S.).

Harun Yahya is really Helping Imam Mahdi(A.S.).

When Imam Mahdi comes, the respected leader will make use of Harun yahya's works to the maximum, it will be very easy for him to lead the Islamic world by using Yahya's works, to make Islam globally dominated - he will benefit lot from brother Harun Yahya's works Insyaallah.Because at an intellectual level Harun Yahya has defeated all the irreligious Ideologies that is against the religious faith and works for the religious Unity,works for peace, tolerance,co-operation,works for improving the aesthetic sense and works for the overall developments of Muslim ummah and whole of Mankind, so when Imam Mahdi comes he just need to sort out the works Of Harun Yahya and the works done by other Scholars too........HarunYahya is really making things easy for Hazrat Mahdi(A.S.).

Brother Harun yahya has done almost all the needed intellectual works for the service of Hazrat Mahdi(A.S.) .

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