Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is Democracy?

What is Democracy?

"Democracy" produced in 1945 by Encyclopedia Britannica. A look at the WW2 generation film teaches the student the of meaning of democracy; develops keen appreciation for the meaning of democracy by analyzing 4 major concepts on which exists substantial body of general agreement. Further, the film points out that true
democracy is characterized by at least 2 signs.

Learn about the press.
Newspaper checks:
1) Balanced presentations.
2) Disclosure of sources.
3) Competence of staff.

With the teachers Union in place within America for the last several decades, you can bet that no student ever learned this stuff in a public school. Instead, they are taught the political correctness doctrine. A doctrine that in itself, will divide the very cohesion of these United States of America.
Now with Obama as President, you can bet that the dumbing down will continue until that day America will rename itself the "United States Socialist Republic." A name true to it's form of governance.

Don't forget to watch the film "Despotism" produced in 1946 by Encyclopedia Britannica. Learn what your government can do to YOU if not kept in check by an educated public. So ask yourself, why does the teachers Union dumb down education? Is it about money or politics, or both?

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