Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Form of his Rising

The Form of his Rising

As we read in the Islamic traditions Imam Mahdi shall rise and
fight against his enemies with the sword, so here we are faced with a
question. This is an important and interesting question: Many people
ask that as everybody knows and even can see, we are in the strange
and wonderful time of human progress and civilization, and our world
is full of various form of weapons like atomic, hydrogenic and even
neutronic bombs which are very strange and powerful, and we can see
all forms of tanks, guns and machine guns.

In view of all this, how can we believe that Imam Mahdi will rise
and fight against his enemies with only primitive and ancient weapons
like the sword, and is it acceptable that he will defeat his enemies who
are armed with modern and advanced weapons, with his sword.
In answer we can say:

His rise is not like a human rise, because he is responsible to do
the most difficult work in human history. As we spoke of this great
duty in the previous pages, we can say he has an extraordinary duty, so
he is allowed to use his extraordinary power which Allah has given to
him, and with this explanation we can say that his rise with the sword is
a symbolic explanation. It means that he is ordered to convert human
beings into Islamic faith, and for this important duty he uses his power,
and the sword in Islamic traditions is a symbol of power.
To confirm our explanation there are some traditions in this field.

(1) One of the aids of Imam Mahdi are; angels which are
invisible powers, and they are at the service of Imam Mahdi by the
permission of Allah.

(2) His second weapon is natural powers like rain, storm, sun
cloud etc… and we can suppose that nobody can fight against natural

(3) The third instrument for him against his enemies is fear,
because Allah will infuse his fear into the heart of his enemies, so they
are frightened for Imam Mahdi. Therefore, he has a very strong aid
which is called a psychic weapon.

In conclusion, we can have this advantage that as his rise and
fight against materialism and any form of injustice, darknesses and
disaster is a divine duty and program. For this reason Allah will help
him and make him victorious against all enemies.

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