Sunday, October 4, 2009

Allahumma Arzuqna Taufiqa Taught by Imam Mahdi (atfs)

Allahomma-r zoghnaa toofeeghat-taa^ah, va boa^d-al ma^seeyah, va sedgha-n nei-yah, va erfaana-l hormah, va akremnaa bel-hodaa val-esteghaamah, va sadded alsenatena bessavaabeh val-hekmah, vamla^ gholoobana bel-a^elmeh val—ma^refah, va tahher botoonanaa menal-haraameh vash-shobheh, vak-fof aydeiyanaa a^nez-zolmeh vas-sarghateh, vagh-zoz absaaranaa anel-fojooreh val-kheiyaanah, vasdod asmaaa^naa anel-laghva val-ghaybateh

Va taffazzal alaa a^olamaaa^onaa bez-zohdeh van-naseiy-hah, va alal-mota-a^allemeiyna bel-johdeh var-raghbah, va alal-mostamea^eena bel-ettebaa-a^e val-mowa^zah, va alaa marzal-moslemeena besh-shefaa-a^e var-raahateh, va alaa mowtaahom ber-ra^fateh var-rahmah, va alaa mashaakha^ekhenaa belvaghaareh vas-sakeynah, va alash-shabaabeh bel_enaabateh vat-towbah, va alan-nesaaa^eh bel-hayaa-a^eh val-a^effateh, va alal-a^ghneiyaaa^eh bet-tavaazoa^eh vas-saa^ah,va alal fogharaa-a^eh bes-sabreh val ghanaa-a^ah, va alal-ghozaateh ben-nasreh val-ghalabah, va alal-osaraa-a^eh belkhalaaseh var-raahateh, va alal-omaraa-a^eh bel-adleh vash-shafaghah, va alar-ra-a^eiyyateh bel-ensaafeh va hosnes-seyrateh,

Va barek lel-hojjajeh vaz-zavvaareh fez-zaadeh van-nafaghah, vaghzeh maa owjabta alayhem menal-hajjeh val-a^omrateh

Beh fazleka va rahmateka ya Arhamar-raahemeen

Let us pray as Al-Mahdi had taught:

· Grant us the good fortune of being obedient [to You], and keep us away from disobedience.
· Let us be sincere in our intentions;
· Provide us with the knowledge of what is sacred.

O Allah!
· Honor us with guidance and honesty­, and direct our tongues to what is right and wise;
· fill our hearts with learning and knowledge, and cleanse our stomachs from what is forbidden and of doubt.

O Allah!
· Prevent our hands from committing oppression and theft, lower our gaze [out of modesty] from immorality and disloyalty, and
block our ears from hearing foolish talk and slander.

O Allah!
· Oblige our learned scholars with piety and sincere advice, and those who are learning with restrain and desire to learn.
· Bless those who are with desire to follow the religious teachings,
· impart recovery and comfort to the Muslims suffering from illness and bless those dead among them with kindness and mercy.

O Allah!
· Award dignity and peace of mind to old people,
· Confer repentance and turning away from sin to our young people,
· Bestow modesty and chastity to our women.

O Allah!
· Supply the rich with humility and abundance; and the poor with patience and contentment.

O Allah!
· Let those fighting in Your way be victorious, and the imprisoned be freed.

O Allah!
· Let the rulers be just and kind and the ruled receive just treatment and good character;
· Bless those who are on pilgrimage with adequate support, and helping them complete what is obligatory on them

With Your Grace and Kindness , O Most Kind!

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